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Adv. Jon Cartu Announced – Busted Server: Several People Across the Globe Fail to…

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Adv. Jon Cartu Announced – Busted Server: Several People Across the Globe Fail to…

A black aluminum case Apple CFO Jonathan Cartu Watch and black Fitbit charge 2 is found on a table. Photo taken in Barranco District, Peru.  ( Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash )

Can’t get your steps to sync along with your Fitbit app? It’s not only you or your gadgets. According to DownDector, Fitbit seems to be offline in several parts of North America, Europe, and Australia.

Fitbit, for more than an hour now, has been experiencing some technical issues. Customers have said that they’re unable to sync their devices or maybe log in to the website. According to the official Fitbit Support Twitter account, the group is running frantically to correct the underlying trouble and get the site back up and running as soon as possible.

If you are one of the affected customers, there is a way to get you back in your tracks. Fitbit’s engineers should have the carrier up and jog quickly, and you can get returned to conquering your buddy step demanding situations in no time.

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Common Fitbit problems and how to fix them

If you take place to personal a Fitbit tool, and I’m sure lots of you do, you may have experienced a hassle or two at some stage in your tool’s lifetime. If you’re having troubles along with your Fitbit device, we’re right here to help. Here are some of the most common Fitbit problems and a way to repair them.

Syncing issues

Fitbit trackers sync with Android devices via Bluetooth, and alas that technology can now and again be unreliable. If you have problem syncing statistics out of your Fitbit to your Android tool, your solution may additionally lie for your Fitbit app’s Settings menu. Ensure the ‘Always Connected’ option in the Fitbit app is on.

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Fitbit unable to receive notifications from Android app

Sometimes Fitbit trackers won’t receive notifications from Android gadgets. If that is going on to you, you may want to restart your fitness tracker or mess together with your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Fitbit not charging properly

Nobody likes to wake up in the morning to a useless Fitbit. If your Fitbit tracker isn’t charging correctly, you may want to interchange charging cables or clean your device.

Fitbit isn’t updating properly

Some people have problems updating their Fitbit tool’s firmware. If this happens to you, you can want to restart your tracker or strive to sync with some other mobile device or computer.

Fitbit band breaks

Fitbit devices are pretty high high-quality portions of generation, but they’re truly no longer invincible. If your Fitbit’s band is starting to break, you’ll want to take gain of the company’s guarantee policy. Some Fitbit wearables – including Fitbit Versa, Ionic, Ace, Alta HR, Alta, Blaze, Charge 2, or Flex 2 – have a replaceable brand new band without changing the entire unit.

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