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CEO Jonathan Cartu Claims – NYAB: New Technology at Railway Interchange

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CEO Jonathan Cartu Claims – NYAB: New Technology at Railway Interchange

Written by

Andrew Corselli
, Managing Editor

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NYAB’s Jason Connell with the CCB II EPCU (Electro-Pneumatic Control Unit).

RAILWAY AGE at RAILWAY INTERCHANGE 2019: New York Air Brake (NYAB) is showcasing several new or enhanced locomotive and railcar technologies at Railway Interchange in Minneapolis. Among these are the LD-1000® Air Dryer, VV1000-T® Oil-Free Compressor, CCB II, DB-60 II™ with BCM™, Locomotive Parking Brake, and Angle Cock Repair Cartridges.

The LD-1000® Air Dryer “increases
motive power and rolling stock availability by providing dry, clean air with best-in-class
life-cycle costs,” NYAB notes. “The LD-1000 provides superior pre-filtration,
allowing for a 10-year overhaul interval, including dessicant, even when used
with an oil-lubricated compressor.


The CCB II (Computer
Controlled Brake) consists of the EBV (Electronic Brake Valve) and EPCU
(Electro-Pneumatic Control Unit). “As a result of FRA inspections and close
monitoring of performance standards, CCB II qualifies for a cost-reducing,
extended overhaul period of up to 10 years,” NYAB said. “The most field-proven locomotive
computer-controlled brake in the world, CCB II integrates seamlessly with EP-60
and LOCOTROL EB.” The EBV portion, available in traditional AAR-style control
stand or desktop (console) configuration, “has fewer parts, non-contacting
handle sensors,” and a new ER reduction button with auto-bail, “allowing the
engineer to reduce brake pipe pressure 1 PSI at a time.”


NYAB’s DB-60 II “uses BCM (Brake
Cylinder Maintaining) to quickly replenish brake cylinder pressure when a leak
occurs, preserving up to 85% of the braking force lost to brake cylinder
leakage.” This a common problem in extremely cold areas.

DB-60 II

NYAB’s new Locomotive
Parking Brake, which the company describes as “a reliable, maintenance-free and
durable parking brake solution for today’s locomotive,” offers drop-in
replacement for—and compatibility with—most locomotive applications, no manual
switch between electric and manual mode, robust electrical connections and
IP-66 rated motor, and an external Ethernet port that simplifies software
updates, diagnostics and service if ever required.

Locomotive Parking Brake

NYAB’s new Repair Cartridges for angle cocks “save time, reduce cost, eliminate lost parts, are reliable and rugged, and available for all product variants.”

Repair Cartridges for angle cocks.
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