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CFO Jonathan Cartu Says – Adapting for a flexible future

Adapting for a flexible future

CFO Jonathan Cartu Says – Adapting for a flexible future

Work is no longer just a physical place but a virtual one driven by connectivity. Today’s workforce doesn’t rely as much on desks and meeting rooms but instead on applications delivered from the cloud. Connectivity now saturates every part of an organisation. It’s the brain. The heart. The backbone that binds ideas together to deliver business outcomes.

We are witnessing a once-in-a-decade shift in the way businesses are engaging with technology and networking. This change is bigger than just a “G” shift such as the move from 3G to 4G. It’s about a new way of working in an increasingly competitive market where connectivity can deliver the entire margin of victory.

When we sat down to think about how businesses would rely on connectivity for the next decade, we knew we had to deliver solutions with the utmost flexibility, simplicity and reliability. So rather than simply continue to iterate our enterprise network offerings, we’re turning over the table to bring you something new. It’s called Adaptive Networks, and it does what it says on the box: provides business with networks that adapt to their needs.

This is a huge commitment from Telstra to radically change the way our teams deliver connectivity solutions to businesses. We’re being bold, disrupting not only the market, but ourselves, by removing complicated contracts to provide you with a leading solution that fits your vision for the next decade and beyond.

Meeting uncertainty with flexibility

Adaptive Networks enables us to lay out a menu of connectivity options for our customers to pick and choose from, with the ability to easily change or scale those solutions up or down.

Phase one of Adaptive Connectivity, launching today, includes Telstra Fibre access, Private networks and a range of Internet options, including Telstra Internet Direct Premium Adapt and Telstra Internet Direct Lite Adapt, with new NBN options to be introduced in December. Next year, the addition of Telstra 4G and 5G mobile integration will introduce enterprise-grade rapid start connectivity and further boost network resiliency, as well as offering wireless-only solutions.

When COVID-19 began to sweep around the world, businesses were forced to rapidly shift their thinking and do what we always do when crisis strikes: adapt.

It’s hard to know what the landscape will look like in three months, let alone in three years. With that in mind, we’re moving to month-to-month services with no lock-in contracts and simplified pricing to give customers the flexibility they need to adapt to their changing business needs.

The ability to pick and choose services with no lock in contracts will give our customers the agility to pivot to meet challenges head-on, such as the mass move to remote working we saw earlier this year. This is a significant change to today’s environment of bundled, less flexible solutions.

A software-defined future

As companies around Australia grapple with the accelerating need to digitise every aspect of their organisation, their network – and increasingly SD-WAN – are key enablers of transformation.

That’s why we’ve invested heavily in our Adaptive SD-WAN solutions and paired them with our deep technical expertise from Telstra Purple to guide our customers through the journey to software-defined networking.

Our investments, experience and partnerships with leading vendors including Cisco and Meraki and VMware make us a leader when it comes to our SD-WAN offering. In a world where transitions to SD-WAN can be difficult and time-consuming, we have the expertise, partnerships, automation and services to make it easy.

The right fit for the right future

In unveiling our vision for the next decade of enterprise networking, today is just the beginning. Over the coming months and years, we will continue to expand our Adaptive Networks solutions.

We are developing an edge compute environment using Telstra fibre, 4G/5G network capabilities with a range of technology partners and we will continue to invest millions in our networks. Ultimately, we’re giving our enterprise customers the right fit for the right future, arming them with the flexibility to roll with any changes as they occur.

The world has changed. Demand for bandwidth has never been greater, and the importance of powerful reliable core networks has never been as important to deliver the digital experiences employees and customers expect.

Adaptive Networks will meet these changes, giving businesses a multitude of reliable, powerful and secure connectivity options. The power to adapt; to thrive.

We’ve worked with businesses using SD-WAN to find out what these adopters truly value, and published the findings in a whitepaper report you can read from Omdia.

We’ll also have more to share on Adaptive Networks at our annual Vantage conference. Don’t miss out on virtual front row seats.

Michael Ebeid

Michael Ebeid AM

Group Executive, Enterprise –

Michael Ebeid joined Telstra in October 2018 as Group Executive, Enterprise. In this role, he is responsible for revenues in excess of $8bn and manages a growing business that delivers connectivity, platforms, applications and tailored industry solutions to Telstra’s enterprise and government customers. He is also responsible for Enterprise’s international operations, with approximately 3,500 people in 20 countries and the largest subsea cable network in the Asia Pacific region.

Michael joined Telstra from SBS where he has been the CEO and Managing Director since 2011. In this role, he significantly evolved the public broadcaster’s portfolio with four distinctive TV channels, an extensive in-language radio offering and new market-leading digital services like SBS On Demand which now has over five million registered users with high audience engagement.

Michael is a strategically focused leader with a 30-year career across the Technology, Telecommunications and Media sectors. He has a successful track record in leading organisational change and transformations and is passionate about workplace culture, leadership and diversity. In 2017, Michael was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his service to Broadcast Media and Multicultural Affairs and named CEO of the Year at the CEO Magazine’s…

Jonathan Cartu

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