CTO Jonathan Cartu Claims - 5G, IoT, and Intent Based Networking to be Major Drivers of... - Jonathan Cartu Computer Repair Consultant Services
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CTO Jonathan Cartu Claims – 5G, IoT, and Intent Based Networking to be Major Drivers of…

5G, IoT, and Intent Based Networking to be Major Drivers of...

CTO Jonathan Cartu Claims – 5G, IoT, and Intent Based Networking to be Major Drivers of…

DUBLIN, Aug. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The “Next Generation Network OSS and BSS Market by Infrastructure, Components, Applications, and Services 2019-2024” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

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The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the drivers and issues related to the technical and business aspects of the next generation OSS BSS market, deployments, and operations issues, and quantitative analysis with forecasts for anticipated growth through 2024.

The Next Generation Network OSS BSS market provides capabilities that have become an absolute requirement for Communication Service Providers (CSP) of all types including integrated legacy carriers (fixed, wireless, and cable/Internet), Multiple System Operators (MSO) and Over-the-Top (OTT) providers.

When we first began coverage of the Next Generation Network OSS BSS market in 2007, it was driven largely by two things: (1) The need to consolidate operational support and billing as well as (2) Prepare for next-generation IP based networks and services.

While these are still two very important reasons for CSPs to leverage NGN OSS BSS platforms, there are now many more reasons:

  • Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular: Requirements for Next Generation Network OSS BSS market support for Network Slicing in 5G, both in terms of administration of slice allocations (including SLA) as well as billing for slices and usage. CSPs will also require Next-Gen OSS BSS for support of massive IoT systems enabled by 5G.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Presenting many issues and opportunities, IoT will require operational support for intermediation between networks and systems. In addition, IoT Billing and Settlement represents a significant near-term growth area for the Next Generation OSS BSS market. Longer-term, IoT Authentication and Authorization and the use of Blockchain will also emerge as a key area reliant upon NGN OSS.
  • Next-Generation Apps and Services: As a result of 5G in particular, there will be many next-generation services, many of which will be highly immersive such as the Virtual Reality market. New business models will emerge for VR and other next-gen apps that will require Next Generation Network OSS BSS support. For example, CSPs will need to support virtual identity as well as bridge the virtual and real worlds with Mixed Reality offerings. These areas will require operational support.

Building upon coverage beginning in 2007, the report Next Generation Network OSS and BSS Market Outlook and Forecasts 2019-2024 provides the most comprehensive coverage of NGN OSS/BSS including opportunities driven by 5G, Data Analytics, and IoT.

The report includes specific recommendations for Next Generation Network OSS BSS vendors, CSPs, Enterprise, and IoT companies.

Questions answered in the report include:

  • What changes will take place in OSS/BSS vendor landscape?
  • What is driving business growth in the NGN OSS/BSS market?
  • How will NGN affect current OSS/BSS architecture and modules?
  • How will emerging technologies impact the legacy OSS/BSS systems?
  • How will NGN OSS/BSS systems need to support the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • What kind of transformation will take place in legacy OSS/BSS to next generation?
  • What will be the implications of NGN on operating and managing telecom business?
  • What are the impacts on managed and cloud services from social media, BI and analytics?

Report Benefits:

  • Technical evaluation of OSS and BSS in next-generation networks
  • Identify market potential by service components of OSS/BSS functions
  • Understand the market dynamics regarding legacy vs. next generation
  • Understand the drivers and timing for evolution to next-generation OSS/BSS
  • Understand opportunities for NGN OSS/BSS in support of IoT networks and data
  • Identify companies and their services, products, and solutions for next-generation OSS/BSS
  • Identify emerging technologies, third networks, and standards supporting solutions for next-generation OSS/BSS
  • Recognize the opportunities for next-generation OSS across many different service, solution and product categories
  • Detailed market forecasts for OSS/BSS including IoT Billing, Settlement, Authentication, and Authorization 2019 to 2024

Key Topics Covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction
2.1 What is Next Generation Network?
2.2 What is NGN OSS BSS?
2.3 NGN OSS BSS Market Drivers
2.4 NGN OSS BSS Market Challenges

3.0 Legacy vs. Next Generation OSS and BSS
3.2 NGN OSS BSS Stakeholder Roles
3.3 NGN OSS BSS Managed Service Model
3.4 NGN OSS Architecture
3.5 Legacy OSS Architecture
3.6 Frameworx
3.7 Core Framework
3.8 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

4.0 Important Technology Considerations for NGN OSS/BSS

4.1 Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular
4.2 Artificial Intelligence
4.3 Big Data and Telecom Analytics
4.4 Computing Evolution
4.5 Datacenter Evolution
4.6 Device Evolution
4.7 Digital Transformation of Smart Infrastructure
4.8 Immersive Technologies
4.9 Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M)
4.10 Network Operator Infrastructure Evolution
4.11 Service Delivery Evolution
4.12 Solutions for Enterprise and Industrial Segments
4.13 Technology Convergence

5.0 NGN OSS/BSS Value Chain Analysis
5.1 Legacy OSS BSS Solutions: A Multi-Vendor Market
5.2 NGN OSS Market: Plug N Play
5.3 NGN ISS BSS M&A Analysis
5.4 NGN OSS BSS Solutions and Offerings
5.5 Legacy OSS to NGN OSS BSS Transformation

6.0 NGN OSS/BSS Company and Solution Analysis
6.1 AsiaInfo Inc.
6.2 UBIqube
6.3 Digital Route
6.4 CISCO Systems Inc.
6.5 Tail-f Systems
6.6 Ventraq, Inc. (netplus)
6.7 Advanced VoIP
6.8 AdvOSS (Advanced IMS Inc)
6.9 ASC Technologies AG
6.10 Astellia
6.11 Avotus Corporation
6.14 Sicap
6.15 Sigma Systems
6.16 Skyline Communications
6.17 Advantage360 Software LLC
6.18 Enghouse Networks
6.19 Rev.io
6.20 OSSera
6.21 Peter Service JSC
6.22 SevOne Inc.
6.23 LogiSense
6.24 Mobinets
6.25 Netadmin Systems
6.26 NMSWorks Software
6.27 Sandvine
6.28 Bill Perfect Inc.
6.29 VAS-X
6.30 Amdocs
6.31 CBOSS Inc.
6.32 Cerillion Technologies
6.33 Comarch
6.34 Comptel Corporation
6.35 Mavenir
6.36 Convergys
6.37 Dorado Software Inc.
6.38 Sterlite Tech
6.39 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
6.40 Evolving Systems Inc.
6.41 Formula Telecom Solutions Ltd.
6.42 Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE)
6.43 SAP
6.44 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
6.45 IBM Corporation
6.46 InfoVista
6.47 CSG International
6.48 LogNet Systems
6.49 MindCTI Ltd.
6.50 MycomOSI
6.51 Netcracker…


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