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Dr. Jon Cartu Reports – Strangely Locked out of Windows 10 ?

Sleep/shutdown goes back to login screen, restarting...

Dr. Jon Cartu Reports – Strangely Locked out of Windows 10 ?

I Seem to be locked out of my Win 10 laptop.

It all started after an update months ago. Right after that my laptop started acting strangely and ever so slowly, things changed.

Then all of sudden my password would not work ?
Did some research on the web and tried the “forgot my password prompt”, nothing happens.

I tried the “Shift+Restart” method, to get into recovery mode options.

That led me to various recovery options. Except, that I never assigned an admin and password. The admin email (outlook) was unavailable to me too.

So, after reading many posts on various sites I downloaded the MS Win 10 repair disk.
I removed the previous Ms Update (according to th repair disk).

I am still experiencing, No luck, In getting win 10 to accept or change my password.

I am Still locked out, with no ability to reset password or go back (sys restore) to last date it worked, too!

Since I no longer have access, I cannot provide a Win 10 Version or Build info. (Sorry)

All I want, is a way to:

A) Fix this
B) Retrieve my files and move on.

Here’s my backstory,
I’m along time “Bleeping Computer” Lurker (over 10 years) and joined last year.

I was naively happy, with my Sony Viao VGN NR260E with Win Vista HP (internally installed OS) laptop, cruising the web.

That’s when I was sternly informed (on here), that it was not wise to do so. So I took heed of such, Sage advice and downloaded Win 10.

Things were jus fine til around March of 2020. After a few MS updates? Then things slowly eroded down to this point in time !

I welcome any and all help in resolving this matter ! Thx.


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