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Dr. Jonathan Cartu Publishes – TechCode launches TechBook, a new B2B partnership platform…

TechCode launches TechBook, a new B2B partnership platform...

Dr. Jonathan Cartu Publishes – TechCode launches TechBook, a new B2B partnership platform…

Techcode, a global incubator and accelerator network with facilities and offices in 22 cities of 7 countries, launched an online B2B platform named TechBook to provide instant and trusted partnership opportunities for tech startups. The platform was launched in October to help startups find clients effectively. Just after 2 months of service, the platform has attracted over 15,000 startups and 300+ industry leaders.

Like a social networking service, startups can create a profile to showcase their innovations and send self-recommendations (just like a “friend request”) to the corporate users for POC (Proof of Concept) and sales partnerships.

On the startup side, landing business customers, especially big names, is a major milestone for traction. Typically, startup founders would first leverage their personal network, but the number of effective leads is usually very limited unless it’s already a veteran team in the vertical. Another popular way is to try expos and connectors such as industry associations. The whole process is nontransparent and takes time to actually find a fitting lead. Using an online platform like TechBook, startups can directly search for the corporate customers who fit their customer profile and are in need for solutions.

On the corporate side, open innovation has been a major trend for large corporates to be more adaptive to the fast-changing market. They proactively look for innovative solutions to make their products more competitive and attractive. Techcode has served over 20 world-renown corporates in healthcare, automobile, e-commerce and energy sectors by helping them scout over 500 hand-picked innovative solutions. “While the traditional way of open innovation is impactful, the matchmaking process was rather lengthy and we hope TechBook could make the whole process easier for both startups and large corporates,” commented Luke Tang, CEO of Techcode.

Since Launch, TechBook has achieved 84 matches between global startups and corporates. proving the effectiveness of online matchmaking. After a connection is made, Techcode’s local team would help facilitate initial meetings and help build the trust and close communication. While Techcode intends to take a success fee after a deal is successfully made, the online platform’s main purpose is to build a global platform dedicated for discussions and partnerships around technology innovations.

As a global incubator network that is headquartered in Beijing, Techcode deeply understands the discrepancy and therefore opportunities between borders when it comes to innovations. Over 80% of the public trading companies in China are not global and well-known overseas. As China’s economy growth is shifting from quantity and quality, these large corporates are calling for innovations for continued growth, and TechBook is becoming the go-to platform to source global tech innovations.


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