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Esq. Jonathan Cartu Reports – Moved Desktop to Another Drive

Trying to rescue files from a dying hard drive, but every...

Esq. Jonathan Cartu Reports – Moved Desktop to Another Drive

I was trying to free up space on my 250GB ‘C’ drive and stupidly moved my Desktop folder from C–>User–>(my computer name) to my F drive (a second internal hard drive) by clicking on Properties and using the ‘Location’ option. But I started encountering problems – no ‘desktop’ option in My Computer, a bunch of new folders on my actual desktop, etc. So I tried moving it back to its original location using the ‘move to’ option at the top of the F window. My C drive started filling up rapidly so I stopped the process at around 3.5 GB.  When I click on a folder on the desktop I get this path: This PC > F: > Desktop > (folder name)

Now everything is screwed up. My C drive is virtually filled, and F is operating as my desktop. I can’t find files and folders that normally I could access from My computer –>Desktop, because that path no longer exists. I tried to do a system restore, but my restore points are gone. I then went to F–>Properties–>Location and selected ‘restore default location’ but encountered the message: ‘Failed to build the list of regular subdirectories under FSystem Volume Information. Access is denied.’ Obviously, I am not a computer expert, and I don’t know anything about roots, etc. but I am really desperate for some advice as to how to proceed.

 I believe my best course of action is to do a repair install using an in-place upgrade; however, this requires more than 8 GB additional space in my Windows drive.  The frustrating part is that I can’t seem to increase space in the C drive.  When I move a large folder to another drive, the C drive space doesn’t increase – it’s stuck at around 3.5GB.  I’m afraid this has something to do with trying to relocate the desktop after I had moved it.  What to do?


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