Esq. Jonathan Cartu Says - Clark State Workforce Development and Business Solutions... - Jonathan Cartu Computer Repair Consultant Services
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Esq. Jonathan Cartu Says – Clark State Workforce Development and Business Solutions…

Clark State Workforce Development and Business Solutions...

Esq. Jonathan Cartu Says – Clark State Workforce Development and Business Solutions…

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Clark State Community College Workforce Development and Business Solutions, in partnership with Virtanza Career Pathways, is offering reduced tuition on the Professional Sales Ready Certification, a virtual career development program. The reduced tuition enables workers sidelined by Covid-19 to expand their skills to prepare for re-entering the job market.

The program is an opportunity to learn – from home – the virtual technology skills used by businesses as the need for remote employees increases. Professional Sales Ready, a $3,690 value, is now being offered for $1,300.

The 7-week, 33-hour, non-credit online program is highly interactive, using a revealing assessment and true-to-life role plays to prepare students for successful sales careers that align with their strengths. In addition, it enhances and strengthens the skills anyone needs to succeed in today’s in-demand job market.

Program Includes Job Coaching

“We are excited to offer this innovative training opportunity to our region at a special rate during these unprecedented times,” said Lesli Beavers, director of workforce and business solutions for Clark State. “Our Professional Sales Ready Certification will provide a valuable advantage for in-demand positions. It provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the sales cycle, setting and meeting goals, networking, utilizing Salesforce CRM, online research and tools, self-branding and preparing and presenting sales-related proposals.

Clark State will also provide students with additional coaching sessions to help them polish their resume and prepare for sales position interviews.”

The course offers a well-rounded approach to career development. Earners of the Clark State Professional Sales Ready Certification badge demonstrate the ability to take a customer through the life cycle of a sale. They also sharpen the critical thinking, articulation, and communication skills so vital to success in the contemporary work environment.

Certification Expands Job Opportunities

Virtanza’s mission is to connect college students and adult learners who seek a pathway to income security with employers in need of qualified Business Development candidates.

The seven-week Professional Sales Ready program has two remote sessions per week using video conferencing for its virtual classroom. The program integrates MS Word and PowerPoint just as employers do to collaborate across teams and transact business remotely.

Graduates receive professional career coaching and job placement assistance from Clark State and Virtanza to find work in sales technology-enabled industries. Both organizations arrange direct introductions to employers who seek skilled business development associates and candidates for other roles.

“A professional credential places higher-level, better-paying jobs within reach of people who haven’t been able to apply for them before,” says Debbie Holzkamp, CEO and founder of Virtanza. “When graduates finish this program, they not only have a professional sales credential, they go into a direct pipeline to major employers. These are stable, national employers accelerating business in the global digital economy.

“Our employer networks includes global and Fortune 500 companies, and they need salespeople more than ever in today’s environment.”

Enrollment in this special program is limited. To receive more information about enrolling, email [email protected]. Or, to speak with someone immediately call Lesli Beavers at 937.328.6062 or Debbie Holzkamp at 714.932.2284.

About Clark State Community College

Founded in 1962, Clark State Community College has campuses in Springfield, Beavercreek and Bellefontaine, Ohio. Clark State offers the latest degree and certificate options in more than 125 professional fields. The total economic impact of Clark State on Champaign, Clark, Greene and Logan Counties reached approximately $161 million in 2016. Registration is open year-round, and financial aid is available for those who qualify. The next academic term begins May 26, 2020. The Career You Want. The Degree You Need.

About Virtanza

Virtanza helps motivated individuals turn their natural skills into rewarding sales careers in industries such as healthcare, technology, insurance, media, business services, and manufacturing. Virtanza partners with colleges and universities to offer its ready-now online sales training, certification and job placement program as adult education and as a for-credit course for college students. Founded by CEO Debbie Holzkamp, a veteran sales executive who has managed $1B in sales across sales teams, Virtanza is uniquely qualified to help students learn the remote business development skills required today.

Debbie Holzkamp, CEO & Founder
Virtanza, Career Pathways Company
[email protected]

SOURCE Virtanza Career Pathways

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