Expert Jon Cartu Announces - Problem began with bluescreen W7, not resolved - Jonathan Cartu Computer Repair Consultant Services
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Expert Jon Cartu Announces – Problem began with bluescreen W7, not resolved

Sleep/shutdown goes back to login screen, restarting...

Expert Jon Cartu Announces – Problem began with bluescreen W7, not resolved


 I repair computers at home and the first problem with this laptop HP Compaq Presario C700 was blue screening and a radio like noise along with freezing. Removing one memory stick would allow the laptop to boot into the old Vista 32 bit OS.

After some attempts of repair trying updated drivers realized virus and malware may be the problem and been removing little by little but now stumped,

After removing Vista Home Premium, installing Windows 7 Pro 32 bit and experimenting with various solutions to problems discussed on your website the

 Problems are now:

 Clicking on files and folders immediately removes them to the Recycle Bin or a dialogue box pops up asking about Deleting and Confirming and this was happening with Vista also.

 In some attempts to install Windows 7 the audio type noise would happen and tapping furiously at any keyboard keys constantly would cause the noise and freeze to stop. I am a very patient person.

 A clean install of Malwarebytes will not open, with dialogue box reading “Unable to connect the Service” I am running W 7 Pro in Safe Mode with Networking.

 And the keyboard does not function correctly, consistently coming up with repeated forward slashes typing by itself and a few incorrect letters. I figured the virus problem can be sorted out first and have a USB keyboard installed using two keyboards.

 Ran Combofix changed its name and it removed two files, ran it again it is showing me some files as old as 2009 and 2010 on the laptop


Attached is the  first and second Combofix logs and a System Processes log (System Internals) run between the two Combofix scans.

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