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Expert Jon Cartu Says – Love attending HR Tech? Immerse yourself in Select HR Tech

Love attending HR Tech? Immerse yourself in Select HR Tech

Expert Jon Cartu Says – Love attending HR Tech? Immerse yourself in Select HR Tech

The three-day sister conference will offer HR leaders hands-on experience with the latest innovations.

Jason Averbook and Jeanne Achille officially announce Select HR Tech on Wednesday.

Are you the type of executive who’s looking for a roll-up-your-sleeves experience with HR technology? If so, then the creators of Human Resource Executive® and HR Technology Conference & Exposition® have a new conference just for you: Select HR Tech.

The conference, to be held June 9-11 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, was officially announced Wednesday during the HR Technology Conference & Exposition. “This is a natural progression of [HR Tech] because when people get back to their offices, it gets real,” says Select HR Tech Conference Chair Jeanne Achille, noting that “immersive is the key word” for the new conference.

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“Select HR Tech is really intended for those folks in the trenches who have ownership of HR-tech projects in organizations and who are being measured by their ability to optimize the HR investment.”

Brian Sommer, CEO of TechVentive Inc., says that HR professionals are looking for “real value” in HR tech products, but often get bogged down with too many products to consider. “The problem is when people come to [the HR Tech conference] … they go back to their office and talk to their peers, something gets lost in translation,” says Sommer, who will be delivering the closing keynote at Select HR Tech that will touch on those issues, how to solve them and more.

Additionally, according to Achille, the conference will give attendees the opportunity to:

  • examine how to effectively use existing systems to their full potential;
  • assess and determine what technology is best for their organization;
  • take a personalized and forward-thinking, tactical approach to RFP, implementation and integration processes;
  • and demonstrate the value of HR-technology investment to gain buy-in or continued support of stakeholders.

This “intensely collaborative” event offers facilitated practical conversations with peers about solutions to common pain points, Achille says, as well as in-depth master classes to determine which technology solutions are best for your organization’s current and anticipated future needs.

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“The most important thing about any of these events is to make sure we deliver content that turns into community and knowledge that people actually take back and use immediately,” says Jason Averbook, industry analyst and cofounder and CEO of Leapgen. “A lot of this stuff isn’t about buying new technology; a lot of it’s about optimizing technology we have.”

Averbook will be delivering the opening keynote at Select HR Tech, which in part will touch on how HR professionals can think digitally about their success.

Select HR Tech will feature small group discussions with industry analysts to learn more about the industry, solutions and trends; collaborative networking to hear real-world lessons learned; and the opportunity to meet one on one with solution providers to develop a tailored approach to addressing your unique challenges.

“We are looking at having a different conference experience than the HR Tech experience,” Achille says. “It’s smaller than HR Tech, but it’s got a different format, too.”

The new conference’s focus is on “immersive workshops” and 90-minute master classes taught by experts on such topics as building the business case for HR-technology projects and exploring the vendor landscape. The expo experience will be similarly intimate and immersive, offering one-on-one meetings with vendors and an environment for deeper conversations.

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Achille says attendees will learn the answer to questions like “How do you optimize an HR investment, get that ROI and create the foundation for ongoing success?” and more.

“It’s really important to understand that people will have the opportunity to sit across the table from peers from other companies to have networking conversations,” she says, adding that, instead of standard, business-card-exchange networking, this will be “the kind of networking where you talk about pain points and lessons learned that might be helpful to you.”

That peer-to-peer knowledge exchange is really unique to the Select HR Tech model, she says, adding the conference will also feature “lots of exciting technologies and tutorials for attendees to make decisions about what tech will serve as the underpinning for any HR-tech project.”

“Instead of sitting and listening to an expert on a stage,” Achille says, “Select HR Tech attendees will sit across the table from peers and industry experts to do a deep dive into what makes HR tick and what will make them successful.”

Web Editor Michael J. O’Brien has been with HRE for more than a decade and holds a degree in economics from Boston College. He can be reached at [email protected]


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