Expert Jonathan Cartu Announces - SFWare PSD Repair Tool Review - Jonathan Cartu Computer Repair Consultant Services
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Expert Jonathan Cartu Announces – SFWare PSD Repair Tool Review

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Expert Jonathan Cartu Announces – SFWare PSD Repair Tool Review

Students, web designers and creative
professionals often use Photoshop for realistic designs, 3D artwork and editing
photos. If you have experienced lost PSD files, then you know how it can be a
real pain.

Like other file types, PSDs are susceptible to
corruption and damage due to many reasons, including a virus, suddenly pulling
out the disk drive where the PSD file is and when the operating system crashes,
among others. When this happens, you’ll need the help of a reliable PSD repair

When starting over isn’t an option, then SFWare PSD repair software should be your first option. It’s one of the best apps around for restoring a PSD file to its original state.

Why Choose SFWare PSD Repair Software?

SFWare repair tool can be used to fix corrupt and broken PSD files. Aside from being able to restore PSDs, or Photoshop files, you can also recover data using SFWare from any type of storage on both the Mac and Windows platform.

If you’re constantly plagued by PSD files that
will not open because of header corruption, you’re in luck. SFWare repair can
restore these kind of files so you can continue on with what you were doing.

The software is unlike other PSD restore
software or apps in that it uses a ‘read only’ mode, which guarantees the
safety of your files. In short, no changes will be made while the tool works to
bring the PSD back to a usable state. SFWare works via advanced repair
algorithms and scans the damaged or corrupted PSD file to create a new, healthy
PSD that contains all the original information as the old one. In short, a copy
of the corrupted PSD file will be made, with properties exactly the same.

Given its robust, industry-leading scanning
algorithm, SFWare allows users to repair their damaged PSD files and extract
the necessary information to ‘save’ it from being completely lost.

SFWare is a robust PSD-saving tool that works
in a variety of situations, including the following:

File Sizes.
Photoshop users often make the mistake of
making their PSDs too big to effectively handle. As such, the recipient may
find himself unable to open the email attachment due to it being inaccessible.

Conversions. A Photoshop document may be converted into other formats, including
TIFF, JPEG, SIF and others. Sometimes when your computer is busy or when you
use unauthorized third party converters the process goes wrong and you end up
with a corrupted and unusable file.

PS users who want to reduce file size often
turn to layer merging. Unfortunately, not every conversion is successful and
sometimes you end up with a broken PSD file.

SFWare PSD Repair Tool Features

Repair Any PSD Error

SFWare can fix any and all errors involving
corrupted PSD files without changing its image quality. The ‘read only’ mode
ensures zero changes while the software fixes the error.

Complete Recovery with Elements Intact

PDD and PSD files will be repaired, including
essential layers such as color modes, paths, adjustments, filters, channels,
masks and more. The powerful PSD recovery software can retrieve all property
layers with elements intact.

Channel Depth and Color Mode Support

You won’t have to spend time restoring color
modes, e.g., CMYK, duotone, lab color, indexed, gray scale, bitmap and others.

24/7 Technical Support

If you ever run into any problems, the SFWare
support team can help. They’re available 24/7 and are knowledgeable experts in
all things Photoshop and SFWare.

How to Repair PSD File with Any Error Using SFWare

If you need help retrieving a corrupted PSD
file right away, we can help. Here are the steps you need to do so you can end
up with a fully recovered PSD file with all its original properties.

First, you will need to download SFWare PSD
Repair Tool and install it on your Mac or Windows computer. Launch the software
and wait for it to load.

Step 1. Browse

SFWare PSD Repair Tool Browse

SFWare has a no-frills interface that’s clean
and very intuitive. In just a few minutes, you should become familiar with the
layout and where to go to recover your lost PSD documents. What we like about
the tool is that it takes up little resources and space in your storage drive.

Click on the ‘Browse’ button to call up the
broken PSD file. You may need to locate the file by going to its respective

Step 2. Repair

SFWare PSD Repair

Locate and click on the ‘Repair’ button to
allow SFWare to do its job. You’ll be prompted that the recovery tool is
‘repairing in process…’ Depending on the size and complexity, it may take a
few minutes.

Step 3. Preview

SFWare PSD Repair Tool Preview

After SFWare finishes retrieving the corrupted
or broken file, you will be shown the PSD files in a preview. You can check the
ones you want and proceed to the next step.

Fix Complete!

SFWare PSD Repair Tool Fix Completed

When you’re happy with the results, activate
SFWare and continue to transfer the PSD file to your preferred location.

SFWare is one of the
best PSD repair tools you can have in your arsenal. Why settle for inferior
products that can only do a single thing, when you can get one that’s versatile
and can make Photoshop file editing easy? Download it today!

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