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Important Questions to Ask a Computer Repair Service

Important Questions to Ask a Computer Repair Service

There are important questions you have to ask your computer repair service before dropping off your desktop to the shop. It doesn’t matter whether they’re coming over or you’re going over, asking these questions will be your number one priority.


Do You Charge Per Hour or Fixed?

The first thing you ask the repair guys is whether they charge a fixed, flat, price or do they charge per hour. Some of the most highly rated computer repair services will usually charge around $50 to $70 per hour. Pay anything above that are you are likely to get scammed. Pay anything less and chances are you might be in for subpar service. But that doesn’t always have to be the fact, as there are many computer repair services out there who are trying to make a name for themselves on the market. So they will usually charge less in order to get business going.

How Many Billable Hours Will This Take?

This is yet another question that is related to the price that you MUST answer. Can you imagine if you don’t answer this question and you find out that you have to pay $500 a particular computer problem? Do you know that you can get a perfectly fine mid-high PC for less than $700? You must ask this question in order to avoid situations like these.

When in these circumstances, the computer repair service will eighter tell you a rough estimate or they will give you their word that it will take X amount of hours. While this might not be 100% the case, it’s better than not knowing what you’re getting into.


Do You Have a Minimal Charge?

If money wasn’t so important, we wouldn’t be asking these questions, simple as.

According to NexgenTec, most computer problems take less than an hour to fix. Software issues, in particular, are the ones that take the least amount of time to fix, while hardware issues are usually the ones that take the most.

When in this situation, even the least professional of services will charge at least one hour even if it takes them 10 minutes. That’s the industry and it has rules that everyone abides by. But more importantly, this is something called a minimum bench charge and is completely customary.

Should I Expect Any More Charges Other Than the Hourly Rate?

Short answer, NO! There are a lot of services we pay that are rife with hidden fees, so unimaginably stupid that we can argue until tomorrow about them.

But the computer repair service is not an industry that practices charging extra, hidden, fees. In most cases, if the problem with your computer is the hardware then the computer repair store will contact you on the issue and notify you. From there, you can discuss with the repair service whether you’re going to buy a new part, or don’t. The choice is entirely up to you, but you have to remember that the computer repair service has no right to add extra costs to your bill.


Bonus Question: Do You Guarantee Your Service?

It’s very hard to tackle this problem without any assurance of success. While most computer repair services do know their cookie, it’s always preferred to ask this question. You can expect an answer somewhere along the lines of “Yes, for most problems, we guarantee our services for 30 to 90 days.”


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