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Lawyer Jon Cartu Announces – PC stuck on bootup, only able to access bios screen

Sleep/shutdown goes back to login screen, restarting...

Lawyer Jon Cartu Announces – PC stuck on bootup, only able to access bios screen

Hi everyone,


Today after reinstalling a program (Nox emulator) on my pc, I restarted as I couldn’t open any programs. When my pc booted up the second time, it was stuck on the Asus logo screen. The only thing I’m able to access normally is the bios. When I use ctrl + f8 to try and go into safe mode, it says “preparing automatic repair” then loads without anything happening for another 10 minutes before the words “diagnosing your PC” appears. After another 10 minutes, a creen saying “your pc did not start properly” appears and gives me the option to either restart or go into advanced options. I chose advance options and reset the pc, keeping my personal files. This process started out normally, but as the reset reached 50%, I got a black screen and after a while it took me back to the advanced options screen. This time I decided to go do a system restore to a week ago. After the system restore finished, I was greeted by a black screen and the only thing I could move was my mouse. After that it took me to another screen saying “undoing changes”, before restarting itself and back to being stuck on Asus logo boot screen. 


One thing which stood out to me was how laggy the pc felt transitioning from one screen to another compared to how quick my pc usually is. 


Also, having rebooted numerous times I’ve noticed that usually when my pc boots, it’s quiet but today everytime I turn it on, theres a quiet screech like zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz. This sound stays for around 5-10s before disappearing. 


Right now I’m trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong (whether its a hardware problem or not) and whether I need to request warranty, or if I’m able to fix it myself. Sorry in advance if what I say don’t make alot of sense, I’m bad with computers and don’t know much about them (bought this PC prebuilt online). 

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