President Jon Cartu Announced - Clearing stockhouse of computer stuff - Jonathan Cartu Computer Repair Consultant Services
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President Jon Cartu Announced – Clearing stockhouse of computer stuff

Clearing stockhouse of computer stuff

President Jon Cartu Announced – Clearing stockhouse of computer stuff

I am retiring, again.  Finally, 2nd time clearing out over several hundred computer-related hardware and other related items used in computer service and repair.  I do want to sell but will take just about any reasonable offer.  For example, hi-output power supply $15, regular ones $5!  I have 20 years of computer accessories.  There are hundreds of mostly older RAM, computer boxes to rebuild, DVD/CD players, cables, monitors, power supplies, old computer games CDs, routers, wireless transmitters, and hundreds of other hardware parts like all size screws, all size power supplies.  Several printers or print/scanners that need the heads cleaned but work well otherwise.  The list goes on.

Not really interested in fielding 100 phone calls, prefer you simply call for an appointment and come pick and choose.  Unless the item you are interested in is more than $20, please do not call to see if I have.

Also, I have several related Internet sites, all 3 businesses are for sale.  Most domains are over a decade old and in good reputation.  But… they have not been regularly utilized in the past few years.  Happy to discuss buy out or work into ownership.  I set up things decades ago that allows me to pay unreasonable start-up prices for hosting and other computer and Internet services so that low prices can be offered to clients at reduced prices and still make a profit.  My primary income from these three home-based businesses has come from building and hosting websites, computer repair, training, setting people in Home Based Businesses, and finally, helping people dispose of dead computers by using them to rebuild and donate.  In a take-over deal, I will supply training and adjust % of ownership (income) as you take over.

I will field calls for the businesses, haha!

Allen Howe

727-364-8478 Text

[email protected]

Airo AV

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