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President Jon Cartu Announces – Bicycle Accessories 2019 | Best Bike Gadgets

Bicycle Accessories 2019 | Best Bike Gadgets

President Jon Cartu Announces – Bicycle Accessories 2019 | Best Bike Gadgets

Bikes are relatively simple machines, but you can ensure every ride is fun and fuss-free by adding a few cycling accessories to your life. From day-to-day maintenance and on-the-bike flat repair tools to safety and nutrition, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite bike accessories. With a few of these along, every ride is sure to be great.

—Our Five Favorite Essentials—

Do I Really Need All This Stuff to Ride?

The short answer: No. Well, maybe the floor pump (because you should check your tire pressure before every ride). But in order to enjoy a bike ride, all you really need is a bike and somewhere to ride it. But as you fall in love with riding, and presumably ride more often, you’ll probably encounter situations (like a flat tire, a blazing hot day, or the need for a snack run) where these things accessories will prove helpful. So consider what kind of riding you’ll be doing and what sort of obstacles or opportunities might arise along the route.

How We Chose These Products

Every accessory on this list has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our team of test editors. We research the market, survey user reviews, and speak with product managers to determine the best options for riders. Each model on this list has been tested by our staff, and testers took into consideration a combinations of user reviews, experience with the brand, and overall aesthetics to create a thorough review. These are the 11 accessories we recommend to enhance your riding experience.


PDW Little Silver Mini Pump

Courtesy PDW


Little Silver


If you get a flat tire out on the road or trail, you’ll need a reliable way to reinflate it. The Little Silver is one of the best looking hand pumps we’ve used and also one of the smallest. It’s only seven and a half inches long and weighs just 94 grams. The bright aluminum barrel and bamboo handle give the pump a unique look, while the integrated dual head works on both Schrader (fat) and presta (skinny) valves. It works best for road and city bike tires as the small air chamber makes getting the last few pumps at higher pressure easier, but it takes more pumping to get there.


Topeak Mini 9 Pro



Mini 9 Pro


This multitool is small and lightweight, with smoothed forged aluminum side plates that are shaped to be comfortable on your palm while in use. If you’re looking to carry a simple and long-lasting set of hex wrenches in a pack, seatbag, or pocket, this is a good choice. The Mini 9 Pro features a forged aluminum shell and a compact shape, and a folding plastic tire lever and a hardened steel tire lever—tight-fitting tire beads are no match for this combo.


Polar Insulated Water Bottle

Polar Bottle

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle – 24oz

The rule of thumb is to drink a bottle of water per hour while you ride in order to stay properly hydrated. This insulated 24-ounce bottle will make that possible and is great for sweltering hot rides or freezing cold ones: the double-wall construction maintains your drink’s temperature for a couple hours. The bottle is BPA-and Phthalate-free, and it’s dishwasher safe. (And if your bike doesn’t have a one yet, this $5 bottle cage is the same one we use on our test bikes. )


Hiplok DX Bicycle U-Lock


DX Bicycle U-Lock


  • Double-sided shackle for extra protection
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Can be cumbersome to carry

This is the lightest, strongest U-lock we’ve tested so far. The lock is only three pounds, compared to similarly performing options that are closer to six. And the lightness doesn’t detract from its strength: We tried to cut the 14mm hardened steel shackle with a hacksaw and it took several blade replacements and over a half hour. It also has a carrying clip that makes it much easier to attach to a belt or backpack while you’re riding.


Axiom Fresh Mesh DLX

Courtesy Axiom


Fresh-Mesh DLX


  • Quick release function lets your carry cargo once you get to your destination

If you’re going to use your bike to run errands, a basket will help increase your cargo carrying capacity. This basket doubles as a shopping bag: Its quick-release function allows riders to easily clip it in and out of the carrier that fastens it to the handlebar. It has a molded handle for carrying around the farmers market, and rubberized feet on the bottom so it will stay put when you set it down. The basket is made of vinyl-dipped steel mesh, with small holes so your blueberries will make it all the way home from the market. On the front is a sturdy rail for riders to attach a headlight….


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