Specialist Jonathan Cartu Publishes - CentralSquare Announces SuperFast 5K with Proceeds to... - Jonathan Cartu Computer Repair Consultant Services
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Specialist Jonathan Cartu Publishes – CentralSquare Announces SuperFast 5K with Proceeds to…

CentralSquare Announces SuperFast 5K with Proceeds to...

Specialist Jonathan Cartu Publishes – CentralSquare Announces SuperFast 5K with Proceeds to…

CentralSquare’s second annual SuperFast 5K run in Lake Mary, Florida, supports Code.org

Lake Mary, Fla., Oct. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CentralSquare, a leader in public sector technology, today announced that it is hosting its second annual SuperFast 5K run on Saturday, November 9. Bringing together employees, clients and community members, the run is open to the public and will start at 8 a.m., in Oval Park located at 900 International Parkway near CentralSquare’s headquarter office in Lake Mary.

CentralSquare’s SuperFast 5K highlights a core value that defines the company’s culture: speed. CentralSquare moves with speed for its customers by accelerating new product releases, delivering industry-leading time to implementation and providing swift ticket resolution. In turn, CentralSquare customers also accelerate the speed of their operations with software solutions that help them to respond faster to emergencies, automate workflows and reporting, and shorten downtime resulting from asset and infrastructure repair, for example.

Proceeds from the run will benefit Code.org, a nonprofit organization focused on providing every student in every school with the opportunity to learn computer science. Code.org provides the leading curriculum for K-12 computer science in the largest school districts in the United States, and also organizes the annual Hour of Code campaign that has engaged 15% of all students in the world. Bringing together two of CentralSquare’s greatest passions, technology and public service, CentralSquare hosts monthly Hour of Code sessions with the goal of igniting this passion among young thinkers.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring together our neighbors and the CentralSquare family for an event like this 5K,” said CentralSquare CEO Simon Angove. “It’s in our company DNA to contribute to the strength and well-being of the communities we serve, and we hope this event helps to inspire public service among participants and a love of learning among the youth whose lives are touched by Code.org.”

“We are proud to work with partners and donors like CentralSquare,” said Don Miller, Code.org’s Southeast Outreach Manager. “Events like this 5K will encourage more local classrooms to try an Hour of Code, and hopefully inspire more students to study computer science.”

The event is open to all who enjoy running, walking, strolling or simply gathering in support of a healthy community. Participants can register and/or donate online here.

About CentralSquare

Formed by the merger of Superion, TriTech along with Zuercher, and the public sector and healthcare business of Aptean, CentralSquare is an industry leader in public safety and public administration software, serving over 7,650 organizations from the largest metropolitan city to counties and towns of every size across North America. Its technology platform provides solutions for public safety, including 911, computer-aided dispatch, records management, mobile, citations, evidence management, and corrections. For public administration agencies, CentralSquare provides software for finance, human capital management, payroll, utility billing, citizen engagement, asset management, regulatory compliance, and community development. For hospitals and clinicians, it provides patient information, compliance, and analytics software. CentralSquare’s broad, unified and agile software suite serves 3 in 4 citizens across North America. More information is available at CentralSquare.com

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CentralSquare Technologies
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