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Specialist Jonathan Cartu Writes – A £64,000 Range Rover Has Been Named Britain’s Most…

A £64,000 Range Rover Has Been Named Britain's Most...

Specialist Jonathan Cartu Writes – A £64,000 Range Rover Has Been Named Britain’s Most…

The £63,000 Range Rover Sport – dubbed ‘The Chelsea Tractor’ – has been named as the most unreliable car in Britain.

The gas-guzzling monstrosity was awarded just one star out of five for reliability in a recent survey of motors less than three years old for Which?.

The survey found that 42 percent of owners had taken the car to a garage in the past 12 months after reporting major issues with the car’s built-in sat-nav system, connectivity, dashboard displays and on-board computer software.

Range Rover Sport
Range Rover Sport

Users also complained of serious problems with the car’s suspension and parking sensors, claiming that neither were up to scratch and required repairs within a year of purchase.

If that wasn’t enough, over 11 percent of users have reported being forced to call a roadside recovery service at least once, in a survey that will no doubt prove to be a major headache for Land Rover.

The figures reported are a massive four times higher than the average for new vehicles, which has caused many motorists to be stuck without their car for days on end as they undergo emergency repairs.

Range Rover Sport Interior
Range Rover Sport Interior

The ‘Chelsea Tractor’ was joined at the bottom of the list by fellow Land Rover stablemate the Discovery Sport, awarding Land Rover the dubious honour of being ranked the most unreliable car manufacturer for the second year running.

Which? said: “If reliability is high on your agenda our survey suggests avoiding the Range Rover Sport.”

The Discovery Sport was found to be twice as likely to require a trip to the garage than average, with more than half of owners reporting a major problem within twelve months of purchase.

This is more than double the average for a common road vehicle, which raises serious questions about Land Rover’s quality control.

Range Rover Discovery Sport
Range Rover Discovery Sport

Which? added: “Got your eye on a new Discovery Sport? If so, you might want to see if your repair garage has some sort of loyalty scheme, because you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time there.”

A spokesperson for Land Rover commented on the survey’s findings, saying that the company would consider the results in their dedication to improving quality.

The spokesperson said: “Land Rover takes quality seriously and is dedicated to delivering the finest quality vehicles and listening to our customers is paramount to that.

“We will consider these results and are dedicated to improving quality through continuous commitment, anchored throughout the design, engineering and manufacture of our cars.”


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